Join digital collectibles revolution

We all know Elon. We admire his work on Tesla, SpaceX and other companies.

This unique collectible art project grew out of our passion for technology.

Meet ElonMasks: 1,000 digital collectibles, each with a different portrait of Elon Musk created using artificial intelligence, finished with a human touch.

What is an ElonMask?

Each ElonMask is a separate non-fungible token (NFT) living on the Ethereum blockchain.

By buying and holding an ElonMask, you own one of a kind artwork. Each ElonMask comes only in one copy (though some Elons are more rare than others!).

It’s truly yours.

How to buy ElonMasks?

We sell ElonMasks through OpenSea. Simply follow a link to see what’s currently on sale.

We will regularly add new ElonMasks in batches, until we get to ElonMask #1000 that will mark the end of this project.

From then on, you’ll only be able to buy ElonMasks on the secondary market.

How ElonMasks were created?

ElonMasks were created using machine learning, algorithms that learn from data to achieve a particular goal.

We’ve fed our neural networks thousands images of Elon and million generic images, to teach the algorithm how to draw.

What you see is the effect of heavy computing power and human creativity to make it all work.